Aardvark Gives you More for your Money with ServiceTrade

How Technology Helps Our Customers

Aardvark consistently provides better customer service by using technology to proactively manage our customers’ facilities and to earn and keep their trust.

Through the ServiceTrade application, we give our customers:

  • An online account available 24/7/365 where they login to see their service schedule and service history.
  • Assurance that regularly recurring services will be completed on time.
  • Validation through photos and videos that the work we were hired to do was completed to a high standard and to code.
  • An after-service report with photos, videos, and audio notes that are always online, and always available.
  • eQuotes that contain photos of deficiencies to help facility managers understand the issue.

Convenient, Online Customer Service

We collect information during every service call on smartphones and tablets so we can share facility status information with our customers.

  • Technicians use smartphones and tablets to take photos, videos, audio notes, fill in forms and other documentation throughout the service appointment.
  • Customers review a media-rich work acknowledgment with our technician at the end of the appointment to understand what the technician saw and did.
  • If we have to quote repairs, the photos and notes about the issue are used to create the quote, and then visible on the quote for the decision maker.
  • Service Link after-service reports are always online and always available so customers can see details about a previous service anytime it’s needed.

Assurance of Compliant, Operational Systems

Besides helping us give great customer service, we use ServiceTrade to reliably manage our service operations to:

  • Know when locations are due for upcoming services so nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Give our technicians the facility’s service history in the field.
  • Know that our technicians are at the right place, and the right time, and there are no surprises about the service call.
  • Promptly alert customers when deficiencies are found. Faster repairs mean that essential systems will be fully operational and compliant.

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